What We Do

We provide professional online audio mastering and mixing services for record labels, independent artists and distribution companies.

Our goal is to deliver a great sound in any musical genre.

Our customers include:

  • Triple Vision
  • Warner Music
  • Leon Somov

How We Do It

Our experience is based on thousands of accomplished music mastering and mixing projects and hundreds of happy customers
We treat each customer personally, hearing your needs and working on each project for the best result
Our mastering and mixing studio has professional acoustic treatment and the best tools available on the market today

Client Feedback

"Mastering.lt stands for nothing more than HQ mastering with care for a more than reasonable price."
Triple Vision, NL
“Amazing blend of analogue and digital mastering. Vinyl albums are precious projects and we’re so happy with the final results by mastering.lt”

Paradox Music, UK
"We here at Demand have been dealing with different mastering houses for different purposes in the past. Since a little while we are exclusively working with mastering.lt and we couldn't be more satisfied with the service they offer. They are quick, have fair prices and their dedication in making their clients happy is exactly what we've been searching for!"
Demand Records, CH
"Denis has dealt with all the label's mastering requirements and I'm pleased to say they all sound fantastic! Quick service, fair prices and phat sounding masters. I can't complain and would happily recommend the guys at Mastering.lt"

Bacon Dubs Records, UK