Our equipment is of the highest professional quality, backed by years of audio production experience.

Mastering and Mixing

Acustica Audio real hardware emulation plugins
Manley Mastering Backbone
Great River MAQ-2NV Mastering EQ
Manley MiniMassive EQ
TF Pro P38EX compressor
PrismSound Orpheus Firewire
UAD 2 Quad DSP
Slate Digital plugins


Dangerous Music D-Box Summing and Monitoring System
K+H O300 Monitors
K+H 810 - Active Studio Subwoofer
Genelec 8030A Monitors


2,20 meters x 2,95 meters recording booth
Professionally soundproofed (GIK Acoustics)
Universal Audio 710 Mic Preamp
Universal Audio 6176 Tube Preamp
Neumann TLM-49 mic
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